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Articles from Pushchairs, Prams and Buggies UK
...Your Toddler - From 12 months To 2 Years
...Your Child - The First 12 Months
...Choosing Your Baby Buggy
...Baby Buggies - The Importance of Choosing a Backward Facing Buggy
...Using a Baby Buggy Safely
...What to Look for When Buying a Double or Twin Buggy
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Used and New Baby Buggies, Pushchairs and Prams for Sale

At Pushchairs, Prams and Buggies UK we have selected the best deals on new and used baby buggies, prams and pushchairs from the best makes including Graco, Chicco and Maclaren. Find a bargain baby buggy by browsing used buggies, prams and pushchairs or new buggies and pushchairs. We also have information and articles to help you choose your buggy and how to use it safely. Check out best type of buggy to buy and using a baby buggy safely
Read Articles from Pushchairs, Prams and Buggies UK:

Your Toddler - From 12 months To 2 Years
Becoming a parent is an incredible experience, but it can also be overwhelming at times. Sleepless nights and constant worrying are common among new parents. It does not take long before new parents realize the high level of responsibility they now face as they begin raising their child. Recent research on child development has revealed that the majority of a child's brain is developed within the first few years. Raising a child in a healthy atmosphere filled with the proper stimulation can help a child's brain to wire itself in a beneficial way.

Babies and toddlers who live in an unhealthy environment can be stunted emotionally and have lifelong limits based on their poor childhood brain development. Studies have shown that babies follow a distinct developmental pattern in four different areas: cognitive skills, speech, socio-emotional development and motor skills. Babies experience rapid development in these four areas during their second year.

Toddler Motor Skills

In the second year, infants begin to crawl and stand. With practice, they will take their first steps and eventually walk on their on their own without their parents assistance. At this stage in their life, they become extremely curious about their surroundings and their newfound mobility makes it easy for them to explore the objects around them. Toddlers want to touch and hold the things that they are interested in, and they begin to reach and grab for those items. They are now able to sit up well, and hold objects such as utensils or cups. Read More about Your Toddler - From 12 months To 2 Years

Your Child - The First 12 Months
The first year of a child's life is the most important, as several changes take place that shape your baby's future. Behaviors are learned that can positively or negatively affect the rest of their life, so understanding the changes your newborn will go through is an important part of being a good parent.

First to Third Month

During the first few months of your baby's life, he or she will begin to be active, holding the head up for short periods of time and focusing on objects that are a few feet away. Babies are alert and more receptive to sights and sounds and begin grasping for things that are close to them in preparation for learning to pull themselves up on their feet.

Fourth to Sixth Month

At around four to six months, your child will be able to sit up without assistance and will begin making noises that sound suspiciously like 'mama' and 'dada'. He or she will be able to blow raspberries with the tongue, and any object that is close enough will be grasped in an attempt to stand. Babies can recognize their own name at this age and begin to have separation anxiety if they cannot see a familiar adult. Read More about Your Child - The First 12 Months

Choosing Your Baby Buggy
To help you decide which type of baby buggy / pushchair would suit you here are the main types available, together with some points to consider for each.

Traditional prams

The traditional pram is usually used for newborn babies as it allows the baby to lie flat. Modern designs and materials mean that prams today are much lighter than the old-fashioned prams and easier to manouever.

Lightweight Buggies and Pushchairs

These are light, compact, easily folded pushchairs ideal for using every day, but more suitable for an older child as they don't recline enough to allow an infant to lay flat. They are not usually suitable for rough ground as they lack suspension and have a short wheelbase. Read More about Choosing Your Baby Buggy

Baby Buggies - The Importance of Choosing a Backward Facing Buggy
Recent studies into babies placed in front facing buggies has shown that this can stress children and even stunt their development. The cause seems to be that the child misses the interaction with their parent and finds it difficult to attract their attention. Babies thrive on ongoing interaction and it is a very important part of their development, if they are in a buggy for any length of time where this is not possible it could have a serious effect on them.

The stress caused to these children as a result of not being able to attract the attention of their parent and the parent not being aware of how much distress the child is in, could have a lifelong effect, making them grow into anxious adults.

The study was carried out at Dundee University by a developmental psychologist who observed over 2000 parents with their children in both forward-facing and backward facing buggies. She found that parents with their babies in back-facing buggies were twice as likely to talk to their children as those with babies facing away from them. Read More about Baby Buggies - The Importance of Choosing a Backward Facing Buggy

Using a Baby Buggy Safely
Safety issues are very important when choosing a buggy or pushchair. Injuries can be caused by the baby falling from the buggy when it tips over or by fingers getting trapped and pinched, about 1000 toddlers are taken to hospital every year with injuries caused by buggies and pushchairs. Although proportionally this figure is low, compared to the number of buggies / pushchairs in use, you don't want your baby or toddler to be one of these. These tips will help keep your baby or toddler safe when out in a buggy.

1. First buy a suitable buggy.

The most important factor is that it's stable so it won't tip over. Look for a buggy or pushchair with a wide base and back wheels that are well back from where your child sits. Read More about Using a Baby Buggy Safely

What to Look for When Buying a Double or Twin Buggy
When shopping for a twin double baby buggy you can consider a few items. Some styles of the pushchair come with the back seat designed for an older child and the front seat for an infant. The back seat is positioned slightly higher so the child sitting in the rear can see over the back of the front seat. Some models also include a clear vinyl sunroof so the child can view the outside world better. The type of pushchair that comes with a front and back seating arrangement is just one style for the double buggy.

Another type that is more familiar is the side by side design. There are a few differences in these particular models such as the Cosatto 2 peas in a pod buggy. This item looks like two sleeping bags that have been joined together. The piece is foldable and can accommodate infants and toddlers. It includes a hood or bonnet that is also retractable. The seats can be adjusted separately from each other so while one child may be sleeping the other can be in an upright position. This is an advantage the side by side model has over the front tandem design. Read More about What to Look for When Buying a Double or Twin Buggy

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